Tuesday, April 7

new on the block

today was exciting, because i met someone- or should i say i realised someone exsited.

when you are in a relationship, you condition yourself not to notice other people, and not only that but even if they are amazingly beautiful and the sex appeal is raging, you never pursue the thought of a relationship (or spontaneous makeout sessions) because the one you love is beyond that. far beyond that.

but, it has been 3 weeks and although its still hurts inside, i found someone new to obsess over. and its just a silly little sex-appeal crush, that i never considered before now, but here are the facts:

+ he catches my train, from my station every morning,
+ he has lovely hair (y),
+ he is tall, but not overly tall,
+ ive heard from a friend of a friend that hes a mad art freak (YYYYYYY)
+ and i caught him looking at me today, a lot.

- i dont know his relationship status
- he may be a dickhead
- may not be into me.

but, nevertheless i will offer him a cigarette tomorrow morning!

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keep us updated okay !