Sunday, December 14


you are a whole new level
i am here
whether we continue or not.
i am here. always, you're not lost.

we see no need to speak, we can just be.
together we are at peace, moving faster and faster away from anything anyone else knows.

we understand us, others see not what we feel for it.

Thursday, December 4

my formal!

last friday, i had my school year 10 formal and it was actually really good. i had a good time with my partner j. we just laughed and joked the whole time and even though the food and music were fucking shit as, we enjoyed ourselves.
the afters were so good at c's house, but a little too chilled at b's house,,,,, we didnt start drinking until like 2am so that sucked so bad.

my room is in a state of complete mess right now. its actually ridiculous.

Monday, December 1

continued thoughts

i will list my best friends for my sanity's sake.

1) pippa; is an absolute babe in every single way. we relate to each other so well and i can talk to her about almost anything. she makes my life fun and exciting.

2) stefani; is the most beautiful person you have ever met. she has beautiful thoughts and beautiful compliments and is so beautiful. i can trust her with my whole life, and she is my rock.

3) jack; is a babe for the fact that i can relate to him in every way, and he still amazes me every time he speaks. he excites me and makes me feel crazy. i am inlove with our friendship, not in a romantic or sexual way. just in a way.

flat lemonade and half-eaten bread

flat lemonade and half-eaten bread resolve my eyeline,
and i ponder my position in life right this moment.
i suppose one could argue that one's position changes every moment, and i would definately be one of those people, but for time's sake lets refer to this as a single moment.
i have clarified mostly everything in my life, and if it is not clarified, i have mentally erased it from my mind.
adele's hometown glory streams through my atmosphere providing a very reflective environment for me to think in...