Saturday, February 28

Latest News

...on Cate Blanchett. She is set to play Maid Marian in a hollywood remake(urgh) of Robin Hood! Apparently Sienna Miller was offered the part first but then was replaced by Ms Blanchett. Can i offer my opinion that Ms Miller would have been a shocking choice...Russell Crowe is also set to star, headlining the film as Robin Hood himself! i am so excited, she suits the part completely.

Today i was flicking though a magazine (not a usual occurence, i dont read them !) and i found a still from War Of The Roses with Cate sitting on her throne being showered in gold.

How appropriate. The photograph brought me to tears as i remember sitting one metre away from her and crying from being so overwhelmed. She is amazing.

FUCK. Don't get me started seriously.


Thursday, February 26

Green Trees, Winter Uniforms and Bricks

the tiniest things trigger the most reminescent emotions.
when you change the path on which to live your life so severely,
it can confuse your mind immensely.

a new environment brings new interactions, new emotions & new relationships.
all of a sudden your "ending up" path changes and you forget all about your old one.
this new path has exciting new ventures attached to it, along with fresh people, potential and lifestyles. after a very quick jolting awakening in this new life of yours it is so easy to forget your ambitions and goals that you yearned for, for so long in your old on.

sort of like a parallel universe, what would have happened if you choose y as opposed to x...

all these options, thoughts and plans are forgotten, as the shiny allure of you new life sweeps you around and around until your dizziness turns into adrenaline which turns into a constant feeling within your bones.

until... something from your past makes a special cameo appearance in your flashy new life and
just like that. all of the sadness you felt when you left your life behind comes back like the heavens themselves have been opened on your shiny straight hair.
you truely thought you were over the nostalgia of the green trees and brick buildings. but just the thought of being near them and a part of them reminds you of all those plans you made when you were amongst the bricks and leaves.

Maybe you'd be in so and so's english class..
Maybe you'd compete in the swimming carnival...
Maybe you'd become closer with a person...
Maybe you'd become a prefect...
Maybe you'd be the School Captain...
Maybe you'd be the lead in the school play...
Maybe you'd be on of those people at assembly that the whole teaching staff and a large majority of students is proud of...
Maybe you'd be that girl all the year sevens want to be...
Maybe your drama teacher would tell you you were brilliant.

You new life is amazing and you love it to pieces. You want to be there so badly that you can't believe where you are... the people are your kinds of people, the surroundings suit you to the definition of perfection, and the resources are the stuff angels cry...

but the truth is, those stupid green trees and those obnoxious brick buildings are all you ever wanted.

Monday, February 16

you give me feelings that i adore

swimming in straight-lines sucks

Today really sucked. im not just being my usual cynical self. Today was extra bad.

My whole ecole was forced to sit and watch the other students swim at our annual swimming carnival. Add this to the fact that J had his HSC English Speaking Task today, which he was very stressed out about, and consequently i was also.

Not only all this happened, but as you will see on the Weather Radar shown on your right,

it. was. raining.

thanks a whole bunch. no, seriously- i appreciate it.

I am now consoling myself with some over dramatic Edith Piaf music and some extra folk-y Carla Bruni. The french language is very therapeutic, but yes i admit it there may be some Paramore in there as well (haha lame).

"convince yourself that its not the reason
you dont see the sun anymore..."

Topic 2 of this evening.
Annoying little "indie" posers. FUCK OFF. seriously im over you and your need to be different when really all you are doing is conforming completely and annoying everyone else with an original brain to the shite- house. You would not believe how frustrating it can be watching little sluts with wavy hair and ray ban glasses giggle and shove their starved-wannabe-anorexic bodies infront of anything with a penis.

Monday, February 9


we live in a beautiful world.
can you not get past your egotistic thought processes, your obsessions with their misery and your addiction to feed gossip joyously?
of course you cannot. but you are the reason i write, the reason i exist.
to counter you all in every way.

to even out the strained judgement.

all in all, its getting very repetative.
a concrete haven, saxaphone notes
change a feeling in itself.
morning rituals, pace and moments alter.
sight, touch, love; All amazing with you.

expulsion of time

japanese shades and deep shade of red
long found lovers with strong coffee
poetic conversations
musical laughter, experimentation made with rice alone

strive for loss of time itself.

sugar shit love

Beneath the cigarrettes and sugar shit of alchol breath

I can taste the ocean on your tongue

remember when we sat on the side walk

of your old blockagainst the wall

under the starstalking about love's meaning

Well, I wasn't dreaming

I meant every word

just to know your demons

do you know mine, babe?

are we wastin time, babe?