Monday, February 16

swimming in straight-lines sucks

Today really sucked. im not just being my usual cynical self. Today was extra bad.

My whole ecole was forced to sit and watch the other students swim at our annual swimming carnival. Add this to the fact that J had his HSC English Speaking Task today, which he was very stressed out about, and consequently i was also.

Not only all this happened, but as you will see on the Weather Radar shown on your right,

it. was. raining.

thanks a whole bunch. no, seriously- i appreciate it.

I am now consoling myself with some over dramatic Edith Piaf music and some extra folk-y Carla Bruni. The french language is very therapeutic, but yes i admit it there may be some Paramore in there as well (haha lame).

"convince yourself that its not the reason
you dont see the sun anymore..."

Topic 2 of this evening.
Annoying little "indie" posers. FUCK OFF. seriously im over you and your need to be different when really all you are doing is conforming completely and annoying everyone else with an original brain to the shite- house. You would not believe how frustrating it can be watching little sluts with wavy hair and ray ban glasses giggle and shove their starved-wannabe-anorexic bodies infront of anything with a penis.

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