Saturday, January 17

art idea


that bench. has it been felt by someone else? the exact same feelings at the exact same time of the exact same day in another time?
everyone has laughed there before. the cold chilling laughter, spiked with tension and regret. the warm, adoring laughter echoing freshly baked cookies, breathless laughter backed with teen angst and anger.

everyone has cried there before. cried a little bit inside. cried for a loss. cried for a death. cried for a problem. subsequentially, cried for a solution. cried for lack of emotion. cried about not crying.

Everyone has felt awkward there. no words, slight action. too many words, rushed action. no action at all.

You are insignificant. do you feel it?
when you feel how small you truly are, it is time for originality.

You are original.
So is everybody else.