Monday, April 6

great-timed day

1.sleep-ins& lifts, 2.chilly weather, 3.decisions to make, 4.bonding with sex, 5.muffins and nudies.

Today, i had an epic sleep-in until 9.15am! It was incredibly good and needed, as i was high on coke from the tv show filming yesterday. then after i woke up, dad was home (weird) AND HE DROVE ME TO THE STATION, so fucking good! made my day.

Ahhh, chilly weather always puts me in a good mood! I absolutely adore winter and today certainly felt like it.

i also have to decide whether telling j how i feel is the right thing to do, because he doesn't know and its just going to fuck me up not telling him how i feel, and waiting until its 'too late', and then that will suck a lot.

today this girl who i admire c, who i thought hated me confided in me that she slept with her best mate who came

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