Wednesday, April 8

always the timing, always.

i actually have poor timing. im convinced that because of one delay when i was 3 or something, the restis out of timing..

so today i felt REALLY REALLY SICK, but i had to go to school because...
1. s is leaving today for italy for 3 months! im going to miss her so much =[
2. had to give b her dance clothing, she had dance today.
3. had a drama lesson, and i really needed to speak with the teacher about my Individual Performance (IP) project.
4. Hot Guy catches my train and i had to offer him a ciggerette, hey?

okay so instead of all this happening ... this is what actually happened:

1. our car broke down as it was coming out of the driveway, so it was blocking the whole came out onto the road, perpendicular to the traffic flow (of course) and just stopped.
so i had to get out and push it up the hill(WTF I KNOW)

2. Felt really sick, and saying good bye to s was really really sad!!1


oh i know.

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annabel* said...

*head explodes*