Sunday, March 15

today has been

today has been epically boring. and i mean epically in the sense of a lot of nothing.

not only have i not started the biology assessment due this friday which is going to take an anverage of 9 hours to do, but i haven't cleaned up my room, hair, life and i haven't started my modern history essay. And im still thinking about jack.

i'll just let you know what i've done today. its 1.46 pm by the way.

i've searched blogs, the selby and researched Thomas Lelu and sung french songs around my massively messy bedroom.

i am itching to find my film camera so i can go out into the world and take some portraits, find my key card so i can go and buy a navy fitted blazer, a lovely black Prada tote, or a fabulous pair of black pumps.

i am itching to move out also. and have a fantastic room/appartment.

updates on my boredom coming soon. peace

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