Saturday, March 14

afterthoughts of a week in a blur.

1. Blistex, 2. School work, 3. love, 4. remembering, 5. hairstyles

Blistex saves my day, everyday. There hasn't been a time when applying Blistex lip conditioner to my lips hasn't made me feel a little lovelier. The tingling makes you feel excited about whatever it is you are contemplating. NB: Blistex before exams (y).

I have the biggest amount of school work i've pretty much ever had in my entire life. This week has been the shittest week of my life, and i haven't even had time to live it, because i've been getting home from school at 8 or 9, then having to quickly whip up some amazing-ass essay which is due the following morning.

most nights i have fallen asleep at my desk and have woken up at 6 am the next day to finish whatever i fell asleep half way through last night.

On monday night, i was told 'i need space' by him. Now, we are on a break. great. That's fucking great. i feel amazing now. totally. i fucked it up and now i can't get it back. he's so beautiful it hurts.

Tomorrow is Hannah Richter's 5 year anniversary. This means A is going to be distraught. we are gonig somewhere to plant some flowers and say a few words. Its going to be really hard. It hurts to remember, but even more when you forget and then remember. A will never forget.

Finally, i want long hair. That is all

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