Sunday, March 15

the state of my...


Messy, chaotic, disorganised, accidental, breakable, familiar.
There are clothes literally all over my floor right now. I can't see my lovely antique floorboards : (

Come up to meet you, tell you im sorry, you don't know how lovely you are...
i had to find you, tell you i need you, tell you ive set you apart
tell me your secrets, ask me your questions.
oh lets go back to the start.
Only positive thing about today was that a got a whole lot of fashion catered for. I found a fantastic pair of men's light denim jeans which is gonig to suit my wardrobe perfectly. I also bought a whole knew stack of black stockings! yay! they're all tight and un-laddered, i wonder how long it will take me to tarnish their reputation.
Currently listening to coldplay, as you can probably note, and its giving me a lot to think about.
im actually loving the whole 'girls dressing like men to get men' idea, and i will aquire many trousers and blazers to wear to suit this. im also craving winter, as Paris Fashion Week has just finished and not only are the collections STUNNING, but the models and fashionista's who attended wore the most inspiring pieces.
im lusting after a large coat, stretchy mini skirts, awesome lace up heels, and mountainous scarves that make the outfit.
peace and love

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