Tuesday, March 17

nothing out of the ordinary

i got stressed this evening, so i cut my fringe- and made myself happy. i just finished shakespeare in love. i cried, but christ i dislike paltrow's acting style. im sure she is a lovely person, however.
good thing list:
1. Got a new film camera this afternoon! dad stole it from tafe, and its completely free.
>kudos to him!<
2. my fringe is not a fronty again (y)
3. i've finially adjusted my school skirt, so it now fits. eurgh- still terrible though.
bad thing list:
1. jack hasn't called. still. after 5 days. not that im counting or anything.
2. i ate a whole jar of nutella.
4. i have a massive biology assessment due. why am i even doing that pretentious subject?
oh wait, its because i'm pretentious.
5. jack hasn't called.
so that was my day. argh. updates soon with photographs from my brilliant new camera!
i want to have/look like/sleep with:
cate blanchett update also: rumours are she's been offered the role of Pauline Hansen in an upcoming Australian film about the politician's life. i vote yay and nay for so many reasons. she could defiantely have the strength to pull the character off. but i'll be so fricking torn.
my love for cate vs. my hate for racists.

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annabel* said...

yes @ updates of photographs (y)

no @ blanchett playing pauline hansen (n)