Wednesday, March 18

strange feelings of a wednesday

topic numero uno:
have you ever felt like you just want to kiss someone really badly, not in a romantic way or a sexual way, but just to show emotion, or to show them how much they mean to you?
i dont really have anything more to say on it, just want to know your thoughts...

due: L'amour.
How can so much love disintergrate into the nothingness it is?
How can such devout devotion to each other just get lost, and never found again?
How can the promises of eternity diminish into a few months?
How can your intense * and adult relationship equate to what everyone has or had?
How can we turn into them??

all i want my phone to say is

that would make my life!

I actually am not comprehending. so anyway enough about J and my crap love life.
i have this hekkers big assessment for bio due and i keep putting it off.
plus my really good friend c, is having a mental breakdown and i can't help him :(
but looking at my beyond life sized face of cate on my wall is making me feel better already.

argh, these are meant to be the best years of our lives. more like the most deciding.
whether you survive or not is up to how tough you are.


***(IN- TENTS, sorry its a school thing)

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