Thursday, April 9

this past week i....

1. said good bye to sally !!
It was so sad, we were all crying. We'll see her in 3 &1/2 months, but still its a long time... =[

2. found a play to base my drama IP on!!! (Y)
I'm going to play all 3 main characters in John Patrick Stanley's play Doubt. There was a film adaptation released earlier this year directed by him also. The 2009 film stars acting legends Phillip Seymour Hoffman (YYY) and Meryl Streep(YYYY) and also newcomer Amy Adams who was very good also. I watched the film last night on the net, really good quality here's the link if anyone wishes to see it.
I strongly recommend you watch it, it is slow but the sermons and monologues and twisted story lines are A-MAZING!!!

3. Got sick... as usual- i mean its the end of term. i have this thing where on the last week of every term i get really sick. i dont plan it, but it just happens. its actually eerie how true it is. EVERY TERM im sick! but only at the end!!!'
what the hell...

4. got a little bit more over j...this was werid because today i came to the conclusion that if he asked me back (not likely, but anyhow..)-if he did, i would probably say no. i know, i know, its werid but the thing is- how can i trust his consistancy anymore? i mean if he just broke it off once for NO reason, while we were meant to be inlove, whats to say it wont happen again.
i don't need his drama, frankly. but i still really love him, its just the love is changing...

5. met a new love guy at my station that catches my train in the morning...he's like a hotter version of Jasper from twilight, more italian looking though... very skinny (Y) anyway there's a post below dedicated to him so go ahve a look! he looks a lot like this photo... but my guy has darker hair..


6. almost finished our drama study of Romeo and Juliet. I'm actually watching the movie right now and i fucking adore it... its so goddamn beautiful!!
here's the best clip!...

6. changed, i can't describe it, but i have..

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