Tuesday, April 28

lately lovers,

kareoke, champagne, a cold snap and growth!.

(just before we begin- hi all, bonjour, ciao, and desole for the lacking of my blogging recently!)

1. kareoke!
Jem, Bridge and I went to a kooky little asian kareoke bar sometime this week and had 5 hours with too much Yellow and Pink! Here are some pics lovers,,,



I wore:
Don't Ask Amanda translucent shift
Razzamattazz stockings
ZU Lace-up retro wedges

and a few weeks ago i went with some of my good friends including Pippa, my sister ;)... here are some pictures...



I wore:
CURRENCYvintageshift. (sportsgirl circa 1980ish)

Sorry, about these photos, I would love to have a great excuse for you about why i look terrible, but i think my sobriety level is evident throughout. ha ha!

Forgotten Nights
The other night it was my good friend Tim's party, here is a photo, but there are more coming! I absolutely loved the dress. its on a loan from Elle. (thanks! babe!)


currently listening to Drive In Saturday- David Bowie

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