Thursday, March 19


its at the point now where i cant concertrate, the nausea is overwhelming.

why am i suffering from returning bouts of nausea i hear you ask?

well. its because my boyfriend hasnt spoken to me in 2 weeks.
i mean i know hes busy with the big ugly H.S.C.
i understand that. but i dont want us to break up. and i think that its inevitable.
i love him, and i understand, but i want him to see how hard this is for me as well.
i mean this is happening all over NSW right now i'll bet.

i dont even know how im meant to feel.

a) angry that he wont talk to me, play hard to get, hard to please, until he crawls back to me and says how sorry he is for putting me at the lowest priority.

if only it were as simple as that. the problem, bloggers, is that 1. i cant play hard to get for shit, 2. he wont crawl back to me, 3. its not his fault he is busy.

b) totally understanding and hope that it saves the relationship. see, this is probably the most probable scenario because unlike characters in films, me playing hard to get won't win him back. he'll probably just get angry. and i'll try to save what we have because i need it, and i need us. eurgh, i've turned into one of those lovesick teenagers filled with all this stereotypical boy-drama-angst.


c) go with the flow. BAM-BUMM. not going to happen.
1. im not a relaxed person.
2. i hardly EVER go with the flow.
3. sounds like a stupid idea to be frank.

i know what you are all going to say, just talk to him.

AHA! you all think you've solved my problem. well, let me tell you, its about to get a lot more confusing. its about to get way more confusing, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with me and j, our relationship or our love, appart from the fact that we cant talk.

if we could talk, the problems would be solved. but the reason we cant talk is because he is too busy, thus creating concerns in our relationship.

feel me pain?
im a whinger, i know.

boyfriends forgetting about girlfriends because of something or other.
im not being overdramatic.
this is how i feel.
and i feel like shit.

and i have like 100 kgs of bio assessment to write.and ots 8.07.

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