Monday, November 24

Throat pains

Fucking hell. i told you last night about my packed week i have ahead with parties and formals and such, well i woke up this morning with a throat that seemed on fire.

its been hurting all day, and i came home (no dancing for 2 & 1/2 hours) and slept from 4-7pm- it still hurts! shit! i have E's formal tomorrow night. my rooms a mess, my dress isnt right, i have to get all my shit together and its 7.15 already! i was going to go to bed at 8pm but i guess i cant now.

im still feeling really bad for cancelling on j the other night, and i think he's a bit cut because he hasn't messaged me back about it.

today we had this man come in and talk to us about getting out of rape and such things. its was really shocking the facts and stories that he told me, and we got to be inside a serial rapist's mind which was equally shocking! i couldnt believe the shit that happens!

so one of my closest friends b is having troubles with her best friend m who actually bitches about her behind her back. surprise, surprise. girls are so superficial it kills me. i am a girl but i am not that girl. i hate it when girls dont just cut the shit.,

gotta go

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