Sunday, November 23


today was so busy, and much like my current life- completely boring.

i had to get up really really early to buy hair dye to colour my hair (which im doing right now in a chocolate brown) and then go to fricking dancing rehearsals, for which n was very late- as per usual. the whole day ran late from then, but i had a wonderful butter-chicken dish from hothis at westfield which dad brought me.

a hasnt really been eating that much lately, im starting to get a little concerned, but i will get more so when i start seeing the side affects. anyways, after the concert, we went back to a and a's house for food

borrowed an after party dress from a. looks sexy, like a white colour with a black butterfly pattern at the top- mmmm.

right now im colouring my hair! waiting until 9 pm to wash it out. it had better turn out right, otherwise im so fucked!

ahhh tomorrow is pdhpe day which is gonig to be tres awesome.
tuesday: half day, then e's formal in the night! yay! then back to north shore after party!
wednesday: taking the day off school and hopefully j's coming over.
thursday: going to get an airbrush tattoo with s and going to bed vraiment early!!!
friday: graduation mass, then formal with j in the evening! ahhhhhhhhh
saturday: recover, and earth festival!
sunday: nana's 80th party: free alcohol :)

so overall i have a very busy week coming up

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